Mobile app

Advanced Radiology Connect

This app was specifically designed on the input of the ARC physicians and IT team. The app is just one of ARC’s several initiatives to improve the quality healthcare in our community using the latest technologies.

The app allows referring physician instant access to their patient’s radiological exams wherever they are. Not only is this a convenience and a facilitator of quality care, but also can be a lifesaving tool as in the case of a neurosurgeon on the road consulting on a time critical severe head injury.


The app also allows the ARC radiologists instant access to studies allowing improved subspecialty radiology consultation on a 24/7 basis and thus improving quality of care.

Is the first of its kind medical imaging network tool. It streams live Audio, Video and Data, can connect multiple users in seconds, enabling group screen sharing, videoconferencing and chat. Advanced Radiology Connect eliminates the use of CD's to transfers medical images, builds unique secure networks benefitting imaging businesses, radiologists, patients, referring physicians and other medical professionals seeking access/fast review and delivery of high quality imaging studies without the burden of cost, contractual obligations and red tape associated with most high end systems today.


  • Remote Image access from a single upload
  • Image sharing - share images with colleagues with a single click
  • Diagnostic quality images
  • Works with all imaging modalities (CT, MRI, X-ray, Cardio, US, XA...)
  • Search remote databases, import studies (Query Retrieve)
  • Group videoconferencing – Allows simultaneous multiple connections.
  • Chat – Users can text chat while reviewing studies.
  • CD uploads - users can import studies via OneDX portal
  • Zero-Footprint Viewer – OneDx requires no client side hardware or software installation.
  • Advanced Search – Remotely search any DICOM compliant imaging archive to import studies.



  1. Study List – List of all patient studies belonging to the logged in user. Users may search remote databases, PACS or any DICOM compliant archive or upload from CD directly to Advanced Radiology Connect. This tab also toggles between a split list/viewer screens for viewing images while downloading a listed study.

  2. Search – For users with PACS or remote archive import permissions. Usually this user type belongs to a medical institution with configured remote archives (PACS) for locating patient studies.

  3. Share – Advanced Radiology Connect allows all users that are part of the network ability to share amongst one another. Users must register and be approved by a systems administrator in order to share studies.

  4. DEMO - Studies posted by a system administrator or user with authorized permissions. These studies become anonymized and are for educational purposes only.

  5. Reload Studies – Used to refresh or reload the patient study list. Can be used to reload and idle or unresponsive lists.

  6. I – Patient overlay information. Can be viewed while on the image view port only.

  7. Sort Tab – Used to sort the patient study list. Options are by 1. Last Name 2. Date 3. Last imported study (default)

  8. Image Thumbnail – Advanced Radiology Connect uses custom image thumbnails to identify each imaging modality.

  9. Patient Information- Lists patient identifiable information.

  10. Download Tab – Used to download a study. Once pressed the knob changes to “cancel” allowing a user to terminate the download process.

  11. Logout – Used to logout of the app. All users must exit the app while not in use to protect patient privacy. Logging out of the app does not exit the app completely. Users must use the proper device guide to learn how to exit an app.

  12. Viewer – Advanced Radiology Connect allows users to view images while in the process of downloading. During a large download, select the viewer tab to view the downloaded images.

  13. Video Chat – Advanced Radiology Connect like its predecessor DICOM-AVC, shares the ability to videoconference with multiple users simultaneously. Users have the ability to text chat as well. DICOM-AVC is the first app ever to introduce videoconference within a medical imaging app.

  14. About Us – Updates and app version information